Restoration of paintings

A beautiful painting is a valuable asset. The quality of an artwork can be seriously affected by different pathologies: a varnish darkening with time, surface dirt or a tear in the canvas. An art restorer can give you a professional advice on how to restore your painting to its original state so that it will retain its value.

Restoration studio Ortiz Art Clinic specializes in the restoration and conservation of paintings. Ortiz Art Clinic has over 20 years of experience in restoration of paintings from the 15th century to contemporary art by artists from the Netherlands, England, France and Spain.

Please contact us for a professional assessment and diagnosis of your painting (s). You will receive a proposal for a restoration advice, including quotation for the restoration activities. This proposal is free of charge and non-binding.

You are very welcome to visit our restoration studio. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. A site visit to your location is also possible.

Ortiz Art Clinic is member of the association of Dutch art restorers Restauratoren Nederland (RN) and Art Restorers Association (ARA).