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Van Gogh and the time patina

Van Gogh and the time patina There are things in life no one can escape from. Gray hair and wrinkles are typical aging phenomena. Many people use creams or other means to try to prevent or delay this process. Once you have wrinkles, there is always plastic surgery to pull the skin back tight in an attempt to undo the aging process. The time patina also has big impact on the paintings [...]

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Painting restoration for dummies

Painting restoration for dummies We all know those well-meant advices of granny from the good old days. You can also find many websites on internet on how to restore or clean a painting yourself. These advices vary from using an onion, potato, water with a little soap to using alcohol. Although all these products may have some properties they may help to improve the quality of a painting visibly, the chances [...]

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Rembrandt and the ethics of painting restoration

Rembrandt and the ethics of painting restoration   The Rembrandts are coming home! In the past months the media have been full of it. The marriage portraits of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit will return to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Two absolute master paintings of Rembrandt. Two of the most wanted and less exhibited paintings of Rembrandt. The portraits were part of a private collection and have been shown to the [...]

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Erasmus also sets an art restorer thinking

Erasmus also sets an art restorer thinking Earlier this year Museum Gouda presented a special exhibition on Erasmus and his intellectual legacy. The relevant title of this exhibition was "Concedo Nulli". Ik wijk voor niemand. A special exhibition that introduced the way of thinking of Erasmus to the visitors in a special way. A look-listen-talk exposition that literally set the visitors thinking and showed that even today the thought of Erasmus is utmost relevant. This [...]

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